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Modern kitchen appliances have made lives of many women easier. With the right kind of appliances, you can prepare food within few minutes. One of the most valued and used kitchen appliances these days is the Food Processor. Let us discuss the best food processor in India.

It was initially invented by Pierre Verdon. He even designed Le Magi-Mix, a compact household adaptation of his former restaurant scaled Robot-Coupe, which was first exhibited in 1971 in Paris. Another American engineer and an inventor by the name of Carl Sontheimer, redesigned the machines of Verdon and produced the “CUISINART”. This brand success after its first exhibition in 1973 in Chicago led many other manufacturers to redesign and design their own competitive models resulting to sale of thousands of Food Processors in the late 70s.

Basically there are 2 types of Food Processors. One is where most of the work is done in a single bowl by a flat blade and fitted with lots of attachments. Another is with standard accessories which have a work bowl, a chopping blade, mixing blade and disks for shredding and slicing. We also have an article where we have discussed about the “best electric food processor in India“.

Food Processor uniqueness

You must know the usefulness of a good Food Processor. If you are a non vegetarian, then you must know that you need to buy such kind of Food Processor that can cut meats which have tougher and rubbery texture. You can use a Food Processor for many food making processes like for chopping, slicing or grating hard cheese, vegetables, fruits, for making dressings or salads, for making any yummy dips or sauces, for making crumbs, nut butter or dough.

If you use a Food Processor properly, then you save your time in the kitchen. You need to look out for such a Food Processor which has a wide feeding chute so that you can easily process big vegetables like potatoes.

Other than this, you need to know the difference between a Food Processor and a food chopper. A food chopper needs your manual actions of hands to force any food through the food chopper stationary blades. Whereas, a Food Processor uses the electric power for spinning sharp discs that is inside its bowl or a container.

Usually a Food Processor power is measured as Wattage and the power output has to be in between 500 to 1000watts. Else, easy chopping doesn’t require power.

What’s good for you, a Food Processor or a blender? Know the difference first before you buy any product online.

A good blender is mostly good for making liquid extracts and is used to create some of the yummiest smoothies and protein shakes.  A Food Processor, on the other hand is only used for labor intensive tasks and solid foods like slicing vegetables or mixing dough. It’s razor sharp blades can slice through thickest substantial foods.

If you are an ardent foodie of cakes then Food Processors come in handy, do you know that? Because most of the cakes are made with the help of Food Processors, that has functions of “all in one”. You simply have to put the needed ingredients in the bowl of the processor and whizz it until it gets evenly mixed into a cake batter. Usually the metal blades in such Food Processors are used for pastries and cakes.

And when it comes to cakes and pastries, it does include eggs. You need to use a hand held electric whisk which is a free standing mixer or a balloon whisk. A Food Processor will not give you that whisk so you need to make sure to whisk the whites little bit avoiding stiff peak as they will become dry and powder. So use the egg whites as soon as you whisk them.                                                                                                                                                 

Let’s see some of the top Food Processors used especially for making pastries and cakes. These are

  • CUISINART Expert Prep Pro
  • SAGE the kitchen Whizz Peel and dice, runner up
  • And ultimately MAGIMIX 5200L, for baking

Moreover, you can use it to cream butter and sugar as long as the butter is warm enough before you pour it inside the Food Processor bowl.

Do you think it’s worth it to buy online Food Processor from Amazon?

The answer to your query is yes, you do need a reliable Food Processor if you prepare lots of meals or if you are chopping many vegetables. Some of the kitchen appliances like knives, mandolins or box graters are sharp and you might hurt yourself in doing any of the cutting and chopping duties. So its best decision to buy a Food Processor which can make it very easy and fast to cook and enjoy the moments.

What Amazon has to offer

  1. INALSA Food Processor easy prep-800W with processing bowl and 7 accessories, available in black colour
  2. RICO BAJAJ food factory FX 11 600-Wat Food Processor, white in color
  3. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Compack Food Processor, 22000 RPM
  4. INALSA Food Processor INOX 1000-Watt with blender jar/304 grade SS dry grinding/chutney jar/12 accessories|2 year warranty on motor |centrifugal/citrus juicer/ available in black or silver

Most gifted processor

  1. INALSA Food Processor easy prep-800W with processing bowl and 7 accessories /available in black colour
  2. INALSA Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt having break resistant processing bowl, a blender, dry grinding jar/ 8 accessories with 5 year warranty on the motor|centrifugal juicer and available in colours of white or grey
  3. Multifunction Food Processor with Atta kneader, a Citrus juicer having 800 ml capacity bowl for purpose of shredding, kneading, slicing and chopping with 400 Watt and available only in white colour.
  4. GOREK TECHNOLOGIES GT-OT oil press, oil maker machine 600W advanced technology, having simple temperature controller and higher capacity. Available in food grade stainless steel

Amazon has some of the best Food Processors presently which are selling like hot cakes online. You simply need to browse over the site. The site of comes in handy where you can easily browse some of the best Processors in India.

Some of the hot present Food Processors available for you online

  1. CLEARLINE Automatic electric dough kneader with a stainless steel bowl
  2. BUTTERFLY CRESTA Food Processor, 1 HP, 5 Jars and available in turquoise green or black colour
  3. OMANZA meat grinders electric Food Processor with multipurpose food chopper/vegetable, fruit cutter, onion slicer dicer, fruit and nuts blender and mincer, with a glass bowl for kitchen use, 350 Watt, and having 2 L capacity
  4. AMULAKH multi-tier high heat food dehydrator having 5 trays for vegetables, fruits food jerky spice, meat drying machine, snacks food dryer, multiple use and multi functional kitchen dehydrator machine.

Most of the kitchen appliances like Food Processors are made available on You simply need to browse through the site and search for some of the best products in the market that are available online through such amazing sites. Apart from Food Processor, offers you to browse and select a range of kitchen appliances like chopper, blender, mixer and kitchen knives.

Is your Food Processor loud whenever you operate it?

You must know that the blades of your Food Processor might be causing a squealing or a grinding sound. This is because the shaft that is attached to the motor by a stem might have worn out or it must be cracked or broken. If the motor is overworked or even if it is misaligned then it can result to a grinding noise whenever you are using your Food Processor.

As there are a variety of Food Processors available online in Amazon, each of them may have different setting options and functions. Some of the brands may be loud when you use them especially during the night time.

Top brand processor that you can buy

  1. BOSCH Lifestyle MCM3501M 800-Watt
  2. INALSA Fiesta 650-Watt
  3. INALSA INOX 1000-Watt
  4. BAJAJ Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt
  5. PHILIPS HL 1661 Watts Food Processor along with Chutney Jar.

Which Processor will be good for mincing meat?

If you are a non vegetarian, then you can opt for a range of Food Processors available in Amazon website.

Some of these products include

  1. HAMILTON BEACH Meat Grinding Food Processor,10-Cup
  2. LINKCHEF Food Processor for meat, 5 Cups
  3. CUISINART 088 Food Processor for grinding meat, 7-Cup
  4. HOMELEADER Electric food chopper, 5-Cup
  5. HOMEASY Food Processor with a meat grinder, 8-Cup and many more.

You can even opt for some of the Food Processors available on Amazon that are easy to use, especially if you are new to this product. These include,

  1. CUISINART PowerPrep Plus 14-Cup
  2. BLACK & DECKER ERGO 3-Cup chopper, code – EHC650B
  3. MAGIC BULLET EXPRESS 17-pience blender set
  4. HAMILTON BEACH FreshChop food chopper 72600
  5. KITCHENAID ExactSlice system 9-Cup Food Processor that comes with a 3-Cup mini bowl and many others.

It can even be used for crushing ice. You can put handful of ice inside the bowl and blitz till you get fluffy piles of perfectly made cocktail ice. However, you need to make certain that there are batches of ice as needed and used rightly, like stored in the freezer to take on hand for later use.

You can shred lots of vegetables with the product. All it takes is to get familiar with their functions. Like you need to shred carrots, so for this you will have to open the food processor lid. Once the safety lid is in place, you turn it one. Just stick the first 3 inch pieces of carrots inside the tube at the top of the lid and use the cylinder to push down the carrots towards the sharp shredding blade. Push those carrots down till entire carrots are shredded, it’s such a simple process.

What you need to look out for when you buy a food processor, that too, for the first time?

  1. The bowl capacity. You will have to select the correct size of the food processor. And this depends mostly on the size of your family. For instance, if you are cooking food for a family of four, the 11-Cup size processor is sufficient.
  2. The blades. Are they sharp enough or not?
  3. The Power of the food processor, which is the wattage capacity of the processor.
  4. The various functions, whether they are user friendly or not to comply with for the first time.
  5. The warranty period
  6. Food processor is just for juices to be extracted from the fruits or you can use it for other vegetables.
  7. Whether it’s safe to wash with hands and also whether its dishwasher safe
  8. Ultimately the body of the processor

Did you know facts?

INALSA has been Indian consumer’s first choice ever since it got founded in 1967. It’s a small home appliance that appealed the Indian market. INALSA is known as one of the rapid growing appliance companies so far. It’s the subsidiary of Taurus Group, which is having their headquarters in Spain. INALSA is also one of the most popular brands with best innovative product range of appliances. INALSA sources its 2/3rd of products from Indian OEM’s and the rest of the products are from China. However, INALSA will be increasing their brand through promotions and will be spending a good amount on digital marketing.

Another brand which is famous for manufacturer is BRAUN. The products are said to last forever.

Gone are the days when you would get such kitchen appliances from sales representatives. When you would personally go to an appliance store or a market that offers a range of kitchen appliances. In the present scenario, you just need to open the sites, browse through a variety of kitchen appliances. Where you can get to know about them, their market price, their online value and what you save. It’s a perfect value for your hard earned money, to be frank.

Nonetheless, you get confused on choosing your favorites from a list of brands. Not only for your own purpose but sometimes to gift it to your loved and dear ones.

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