How to use vegetable chopper

Hello everyone, thanks for choosing my website to know about how to use vegetable chopper. We broadly have two main categories for choppers. First one is electric vegetable chopper that functions with electricity. Second one is manual or string chopper that does not need electricity and manually operated.

Let me now guide you how you can use these vegetable chopper. Both electric and manual chopper how you can use them. How to clean up easily. Things to remember while using vegetable chopper.

If you are still in the process to buy the best electric chopper in India. You can refer our article “Electric vegetable chopper” and “Vegetable chopper available on Amazon“. We have an article for the best string chopper or manual chopper. You can read our article “Vegetable chopper“.

We are sure these articles are going to help you choose the best one for you. Feel free to provide your comment if you find the article helpful or you want to suggest anything.

How to use electric vegetable chopper

Electric chopper body parts:

How to use vegetable chopper, electric vegetable chopper

Let us start knowing how the body parts of the electric vegetable chopper consist of. Chopper includes a jar, motor and stainless steel blades. The blades could be removed from the jar and you can clean it.

Mostly the jars are transparent and you can actually see the item that you want to chop. It is good to have transparent jar. Due to which you can see the chopped vegetable pieces and their size and shapes. You can have anything between 500 ml to 5000 ml jar capacity. Which is good enough for your kitchen work.

Motor comes with different power capacity and we would recommend to get anything above 750 watt. The entire function and performance depends on the motor capacity. So, please keep in mind when you purchase any electric chopper.

How to use the vegetable chopper

How to use vegetable chopper, electric vegetable chopper

The chopper can be used for many purposes. Such as chopping, slicing, dicing, grind and make paste. Please follow below steps and you are all set to use the vegetable chopper. To use the electric vegetable chopper you have to connect it with the electricity. Switch on the electricity and you are all set to chop, grind, slice, dice or make paste.

Most of the electric vegetable chopper comes with push button. Which means you need to push on the top of the electric vegetable chopper. Some have the start function on upper sides.

Once you push on top the motor will start working and when you leave, it will stop. Easy it not it. Depending on the size and shape that you need keep pressing the start button. On the transparent jar you can see the item status and decide whether you need to chop more or you are done. It is pretty simple to use. If you still find it hard you can watch the below video that will help you to understand it better.

Hope you are all set to use it. If there is any further questions you have in mind, please feel free to comment on our website. We will definitely answer your question. It is an honor for us to help you. As we believe your smile is everything for us.

How to use manual vegetable chopper

How to use vegetable chopper, electric vegetable chopper

Manual vegetable chopper consist of Jar, lid, blades and string. It functions just like the electric vegetable chopper. The only difference is it does not need electricity to function.

All you need to do is pull the string as shown in the image on your left. It comes with durable polyester rope and you need to pull the rope.

Depending on the size and shape that you need. You can pull the rope. I would say it just works like hand pump that we have in India. We are sharing a video below that will help you better understand how to use the string chopper.

We are sure after watching the video all your doubts will be cleared. If you still have any doubts, please feel free to write us. We will be happy to help you. You can comment on the post.

You can use the vegetable choppers for different purposes. Be it electric or manual the functions are same. If you want to have better results and less effort you should definitely go for electric one.

Comparison between electric and manual vegetable chopper

If we go by the performance of the choppers due to the motor attached to the electric chopper, it has an edge. The paste, grinding, slicing and dicing are better in shape and sizes in electric one. One of the most evident difference is you can save lot of time and energy using electric vegetable chopper.

However, if you are someone who can put the effort and do not mind about it. I am sure manual vegetable chopper would be a great choice for you. Because it will cost way lesser and results are almost same. We are leaving it to you now which one you want to choose. The other reason to choose electric or manual chopper is depending on the need. If you need the chopper that can do your kitchen preparation fast and save energy, you should go for electric chopper.

Usage of vegetable chopper

How to use vegetable chopper, electric vegetable chopper

Vegetable choppers can be used for multiple cooking works. You can use it to cut vegetables, fruits, make garlic and ginger paste, make pure, dry fruit etc. Get rid of the teary eyes and smelly hands problem while cutting onion or making ginger and garlic paste. If you are fan of Chinese or continental food, chopper is the best equipment you can use. It will make your cooking preparation very easy.


Finally, I just want to tell you that it is very easy to use electric or string chopper. So, ladies do not wait and get one for you today. Trust me, it will make your life way easier and help you make tasty foods. Take care of yourself in the pandemic and stay safe. Until text article see you all around. Feel free to write to us, if we were able to help you.

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