Whipped Cream is Just Irresistible: Know How to Whip Cream in Mixer Grinder

Hey folks!! Whipped cream is an absolute delicacy and therefore, today, we will discuss how to whip cream in mixer grinder. Most of us use a mixer grinder for multiple purposes, such as blending, mixing, grinding, making puree, crushing, and mixing. However, did you know that you could also make whipped cream in a mixer grinder? Let us discuss how you can do that.

You will get ready-made whipped creams from the market. But, we all know that something made at home is more hygienic and healthy. Why should we purchase something that we can make at home at ease? Making whipped cream at home is not at all a tiresome task. There are certain norms. Follow them and you are done. Nevertheless, before going deep into the total process, let us first see where we can use the whipped cream.

Whipped Cream and Its Uses: The Reason To Know How To Whip Cream In Mixer Grinder

The uses of Whipped cream are beyond what we think. Although it forms the major ingredient of the delicious cakes, there are other recipes where you can use this. For instance, you can make a lip-smacking pie or use it in a fruit salad. How beautiful it looks like a topping on your milkshake! Hence, whipped cream adds flavor as a topping also for milkshakes and your favorite hot chocolate drink.

We are sure you will love to use it in one of your favorite food items too. It is fluffy, as light as a cloud, and melts instantly in your mouth spreading a heavenly pleasure to your taste buds. It is one of those unavoidable ingredients, that is not only very tasty and but also the heart of a recipe. Therefore, the upcoming sections will explain the different items where you can use whip cream, and your wish to know how to whip cream in mixer grinder will be a worthy one.

A Cake Is Not Complete Without Whipped Cream

How to whip cream in mixer grinder, whip cream

When we talk about any celebration, a yummy delicious cake is an indispensable part of it. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, achievements of your kid or family members, and other celebrations like your D-day, a good-looking cake makes the celebration a grand one.

Cakes come in different sizes, shapes, forms, and weights. However, a most essential part of a cake is whipped cream that makes the cake very tasty. Additionally, it will make the cake look so beautiful that everyone at the party will praise you for sure.

We are certainly not going to discuss about the recipes for cakes here. However, as we are discussing how to whip cream in mixer grinder, we are sure that you can make a nice homemade cake with very less tools and utensils. We will be glad to know if you want us to write an article on the recipes for the cake. Do let us know in the comment section. We will happy to share the best cake recipe with you.

Cupcakes and Whipped Cream

How to whip cream in mixer grinder

When the peaks are soft, you cannot use whipped cream on your cake because it is not in a stable position. Nevertheless, you can still use it on your coffee, desserts shake, or with fruits and salads. But we can use this whipped cream frosting on cupcakes only after stabilizing it. Moreover, trust me the choices are endless.

We all know cupcakes and whipped cream shares a sweet relationship. It goes hand in hand. Any party especially one that has more kids is literally incomplete without creamy cupcakes. The frosting adds a colorful look to the cupcake. Kids are very easily attracted to these small colorful pieces of delicacies. Furthermore, it is always better to give kids homemade food rather than frosting cupcakes with readymade whipped cream.

Therefore, when you bake a cupcake wait until it cools down. In the meantime, prepare your whipped cream. Once you get a fluffy one, transfer it to a separate bowl. In addition, you can now add cream cheese and powdered sugar with few drops of vanilla extract.

You can also add any flavor of your choice; for example cinnamon, maple syrup, extract of lemon or peppermint, and any edible color. Color in frosting makes the cupcakes look more attractive. The powdered sugar acts as a stabilizer in the whipped cream. Simultaneously, increase the speed of the mixer gradually. Finally, add the whipped cream to the cream cheese and fold it gently until the frosting gets even texture and color.

Now when the frosting is ready, transfer it to a pastry bag fitted with a piping tip of your choice. When the cupcake gains room temperature, you are ready to decorate the cupcakes with the frosting. However, always remember that you should NEVER try to frost a warm cupcake. Otherwise, the frosting will start melting and your labor will be a complete waste. When the frosting is complete, you can add some sprinkles to decorate it or simply add any exotic fruits of your choice. The super delicious creamy cupcake will melt in your mouth in no time.

Recipes with whipped cream

As we are here to discuss how to whip cream in mixer grinder, we will not go into details of all recipes where you can use it. Nonetheless, we are mentioning some of the recipes where you can use whipped cream.

Strawberry Shortcake

 Angel Food Cake

 Key Lime Pie

 Tres Leches Cake

 Blueberry Trifles (with cream cheese added!)

 Pineapple Upside Down Cake/Cupcakes

 Coconut Cream Pie

 Chocolate Mousse Pie

Let us now discuss how we can prepare nice and tasty whipped cream using a mixer grinder.

How to Whip Cream in Mixer Grinder

Most of us think that whipped cream is very difficult to make and it takes immense rotation speed to make one. Obviously, it is not possible to keep a whipping machine at home always. But, a mixer grinder is an inevitable part of every household. Mixer grinders are budget-friendly and can perform so many functions that everyone can afford them nowadays.

So, without wasting much time let us see how to whip cream in mixer grinder.

1. The first step is to chill the mixer grinder. As whipping cream in a mixer grinder is not a conventional one, you have to maintain the steps carefully; otherwise, you will not get the desired result. Put the mixer grinder Jar in the refrigerator for 2 hours. You can also keep the mixer grinder into the deep freeze and check if you want faster cooling. However, check now and then because not all jars are made of the same materials. It may get a crack for sudden cooling. But, You have to make sure that the mixer grinder is really chill. Do not start whipping cream if the mixer grinder is not cold. 

2. Now, gradually pour cream into the chilled mixer grinder. Remember along with the grinder jar, the cream should be chilled also. Pour the cream into the mixer jar as per the quantity that you want. Take care of the amount. Do not fill the mixer jar completely with the cream. As the cream starts to take in air and become fluffy with rotation, it will take up more space will increase in quantity. You have to leave space for that.

3. Start the mixer grinder and run it for almost 15 minutes. In between, keep checking the thickness that you desire to have. If you feel that, the cream is not getting the desired stiff peaks, keep the mixer grinder on for another 5 minutes. There is no need to add sugar to it as the cream is already sweet. However, if you like more sweetness to the whipped cream, you may add sugar. You can also add vanilla essence if you wish.

4. You need to keep mixing until you have the nice stiff peaks. Once you have the nice stiff peaks, it is ready. You can open the Jar lid and check using a spoon. If the cream is not falling into the jar from the spoon, it is ready for use.

5. If you want you may also add color into the cream and use it to make colorful whipped cream items. Just look at the beautiful green whipped cream.

Whipped Cream Facts

We get proper whipped cream by the process of intense rotation or whipping so that the cream gets a fluffy texture. The cream that we use to make one, is better known as ‘heavy cream’. The basis of the word heavy lies in the amount of milk fat present in it. Approximately 36% milk fat is considered as standard for a heavy cream composition. Therefore, these creams actually provide the best whipped cream. However, if we omit the word heavy, we get another type of cream that contains 30% milk fat is a lighter variant. This is also good for whipping. But, the texture is different in heavy cream. The whipped cream of heavy cream holds better shape and peak for a longer time. So, always try to get heavy cream if you are willing to make the best one.

As because we have discussed cakes and cupcakes here, we observed that there is always confusion between whipped cream and icing. Both are not the same. Icing is made of sugar and water. It does not contain any dairy products. Once it starts drying at room temperature, it holds the shape that you want to give.

Making whipped cream: Things to Remember

1. Remember the jar and cream should be super chilled. Without chilling, you will never get a proper whipped cream.

2. The quality of cream matters a lot. There are many creams in the market. Make sure you are taking the best one. The best cream will not only give you perfectness but also good for all items you make.

3. Whipped cream is formed when the air is blocked inside giving it fluffiness. With time, it will lose the cloudy texture. It is better to consume it on the same day. If not possible, have it by the next day. Remember to store it in the refrigerator.

4. The quality of the mixer grinder is also one aspect of giving the proper texture. So, if you do not have one and planning to buy, get the best quality Products in Chopper of Kitchen.

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