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Carecroft Silicone Cleaning Magic Brush Gloves

A superb choice to keep your hands clean and remove the powerful stain from your utensils, bathroom tiles, removing dust, cleaning cars etc. It comes with strong silicone bristles that BPA free silicone rubber.


The product is made by carecroft, a well known brand. It is made of silicone rubber so it is super durable.  It is really helpful as it protect your skin from the harmful detergent chemicals and other cleaning products chemicals. Keeping your hand beautiful and soft as you want it.

The material used to make the product is of top quality silicone. So due to that it is heat resistant and can withstand the impressive heat temperature up to 160 degree Celsius.

It is oil resistant and separates the gloves from oil. Its is multifunctional and can be used for many daily household works. Suitable for washing dishes in the kitchen, scrubbing your bathroom, removing dust and even cleaning your car, the possibilities of these silicone scrub gloves are virtually endless.

It comes with hundreds of silicone bristles so it helps to remove the strong stain, greases, oils, and dirts.

The product comes in a very economical price. You can certainly give a try.

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