Red chili can prevent heart attack


As per WHO India would have 35% of all death due to cardiovascular diseases by 2030. The main cause for this is the lifestyle and food habit. Making simple changes in the food habit can reduce the chances of CVD diseases drastically. Good food habit and regular exercise can prevent lots of lifestyle diseases. Do you know that red chili can prevent heart attack?

Red chilies are the most commonly found ingredient in Indian kitchen. Some of us might like spicy food and some of us do not. However, every curry is incomplete without little bit of chili in any shape and form. The red-hot chili comes with a major health benefit and can save you from heart attack.

Research on the myth

According to a research done in Italy on 22811 people, the people who consumes red chilies four times a week risk of heart attack was reduced by 40%. The research was published in journal of the American college of cardiology. Where it is found that people who often eat chilies have a mortality for cause reduced by 23% compared to who do not.

What does Red chili contains that helps prevent heart attack

First let us understand what vitamins and antioxidants red chilli has. Chillies are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K1, Vitamin B6, potassium, Vitamin A and copper. Chillies also have antioxidants such as capsanthin, violaxanthin, lutein, capsaicin and ferulic acid.

Do you love eating spices, especially red chilies? Well then you have no worries as studies have shown that consumption of red chilies can lower the risk of any heart ailments, like attacks or strokes. Red peppers, as they are also known as, have Lycopene, which is absent in green peppers. These chilies have vitamin A and C, which are exceptionally good for your heart.


Well, Lycopene is actually a plant nutrient. It’s filled with a variety of antioxidant properties. The pigment plays a vital role in giving red and pink fruits, like watermelons, pink grapefruit and tomatoes their colors.

Do you know that consuming red chillies can reduce a heart patient’s blood cholesterol? Yes, like red chillies, green chillies can reduce blood cholesterol level in your body and can even prevent any blood clots from forming. Isn’t it great? What’s more, you can even lose your belly fat weight by consuming chillies daily. Consuming chillies can burn your body fat and calories by simply raising you metabolism. Remember, heart diseases are caused by obesity.

Researchers have found that the chemical capsaicin in green chillies have antioxidant properties, which fights the damage caused to your liver by consuming too much alcohol. So if you are in this bad habit of daily drinking, just take care of your liver by consuming green chillies in your daily diet, like in vegetable salad or other cuisine which you like. You can even chew green chillies.


Capsaicin is actually an active component of chillies and these are plants that belong to the type Capsicum. It is a chemical irritant especially for humans and upon consumption it gives a burning sensation in the human body tissues that it comes in contact with.

Red Chillies are a rich source of Vitamin C. Its intake daily can help you to support your body immune system and fight any chronic dWHAT IS CAPSAICIN?iseases, if any. Other than Vitamin C, red chillies are rich in Vitamin A and have minerals like potassium and iron. The power packed antioxidants present in red chillies can help clear any blockages in your heart blood vessels and arteries.


In our daily hectic lives, we are so consumed in eating anything that we forget to eat healthy food. We either are lazy to cook healthy food or we never get time from our busy office schedule. This habit of eating any time, eating more junk food or eating outside food, most of which are oily and spicy can result to many health hazards which we are unaware of until it gets serious.


Its consumption can fight any pain or inflammation inside your body. The capsaicin present in these chilies can reduce any inflammation and is beneficial for reducing any pain that you might be experiencing.  Moreover, red chilies are said to promote your digestive health and helps in losing weight too.

Apart from this, red chillies boost cognitive functions of your body and even relieves nasal blockage if you have any.

Losing weight

If you are trying to lose weight then Red chili powder is extremely helpful. Red chili powder increases the metabolism in our body and helps losing weight. Metabolism is the process of converting food into energy that allows our body to function. So having a good metabolism helps digesting the food well and have less waste in the food.

If you are tired of paying high amount to gym, diet and medicine. You can definitely give a try to red chillies. Just to mention that taking excessive chilli paper can be harmful and can cause several stomach issues. So be careful to take little quantity of red chilli powder.

Other health benefits are as following

Promotes Digestive Health
Enhances Cognitive Function
Relieves Nasal Congestion


In the present scenario, humans face a variety of health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, depression, fatigue, insomnia and not to forget heart attacks as well. There are home remedies for such health related issues. For example, heart attack can be prevented if you consume red chilies in your daily diet. Similarly, you can refer a lot of health related sites that would guide you to proper intake of good, healthy and nutritious food.

However there are few humans who aren’t ardent fans of red chillies. What about them? Do they eat substitute foods that aren’t spicy? They might have a palate for sweet foods or some might even be allergic to spiciness.

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What to do if heart attack happens with no immediate medical help present

If one observes any symptoms of heart attack, which generally is chest pain and sweating in a person, immediately the patient should be treated with one teaspoon of red chili mixed with a glass of water. The only criteria needed to consume this drink is that the patient should be in a conscious state. But in case, the patient is unconscious, then the alternative method of treating such patient is by giving him a few drops of red chili juice below his tongue. It is scientifically proven that by chewing red chili, one can prevent or decrease the risk of heart attack in 60 seconds.

   People who frequently eat red chili are less likely to have heart attack and stroke. In a recent research, it has been found that people who are consuming red chili four times in a week were  44 percent less likely to die from heart diseases and 61 percent less likely to die of a stroke, compared with those who does not .

  Therefore, it has been medically established that red chili can lower the risk of heart attack if added in our daily diet. If you are health freak, you can refer our health related articles such as “we are what we eat” and “health and kitchen connection“.

DISCLAIMER  Considering all the above mentioned points one also has to keep on mind that excessive consumption of red chili in your daily diet may also result in acidity, heat burn, belching. Therefore consumption of red chili should be in moderation and not more than 4 to 5 times in a week.

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